New litters planed for 2018

Jimmy, we sometimes call him Jamaican Jim cause we like keeping him in dreadlocks. he’s very cute that way! He is our AKC registered Male standard Parti poodle. he has a non fade gene which means he will produce offspring that will stay black and white as an adult.  his dominant color takes president so our puppies wont turn grey or become phantom colored.

Abby is a sweet doll who weighs in at 45lbs so she is small for an Old English Sheep dog (OES). Abby Rose is AKC registered OES who is currently expecting a new litter in November 2018. She is a love bug and wants to give everyone she meets hugs. This will be her first litter so we are excited for her! We call her pups our minis and basically because she is so small she is about the same size as our Aussiedoodle Mayla

Mayla who is an Aussiedoodle that we breed with Jimmy.Mayla will produce a 3/4 poodle mix with the Australian shepherd. In the breeding world that’s called an F1b cross. We like this cross for shedding dogs because it makes the puppies hair non shed. they then are Hypoallergenic.  Mayla and Jimmy’s puppies all weigh now around 45-55 lbs. as adults. in contrast our third Mom

Tiki she weighs 80Lbs and her babies all get to be 80 and over… so we have a variety of sizes for you to choose from. If you are wanting one on the small side and an F1 generation puppy then Abby is the mom choice for you.


Currently MAYLA and JIMMY  have puppies !! Mayla is our AUSSIEDOODLE mom. She is four years old and has had a few litters already. She is a funny girl I’ll have to tell you some stories about her antics someday… Mayla is cleaver and teaches the other dogs to think outside the box. its funny how they watch and learn from each other. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes you have to wonder…

Eight puppies born, and there are two Aussiedoodles still available. born Sept 18 2018.

Abby and Jim have puppies on the way! midsized sheepadoodles are expected to be here November 2018. 


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  1. I LOVE Jimmy’s look!. Can you tell me about any puppies planned for Tiki?. I’m really hoping for a bigger dog.


    1. Yes tiki will ah e a litter in a couple months from now we are very excited when she has puppies. They are big babies for sure! You can connect with me at 9284200057


  2. Megan says:

    Hi, how many pounds do you expect Abby’s pups to be fully grown? Do you have another site with more information about yourself and your dogs, and reviews from people who have adopted your pups? Thanks, and smiles, Megan Homan


    1. Hi I have a Facebook page doodledog you can see some posts. You can also contact me directly and I can answer questions you might have. Thank you for your comments they are helpful in the development of this site. The puppies we have will vary in size depending on the parents we use. They can range from our minis 30 lbs to 80 lbs standards.


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